DRaaS/BaaS - Umbra

Cydg5aNWEAE4buF.jpgUnified Managed Backup and Recovery Appliance (Umbra) is a Disaster Recovery as a Service and Back-up as a Service (DRaaS/BaaS) service that provides enterprise class VMware, AWS and HyperV backup functionality using a local appliance (UmbraStor) or a external cloud based storage repository in either a trusted Integrative Core Datacenter (ICD) or on the public (Amazon) cloud.

With a local appliance, UmbraStor, it will safely store up to 2 Petabyte1 of VMware backup data in no more than 8U of rack space. The appliance is composed of enterprise class server hardware and the best in class Nakivo backup software on top of our trusted and flexible ZFS storage architecture. Your backups remain safe and on site.

To safeguard your backup data against location based disasters you can easily replicate your backup data to either;

  • Another UmbraStor appliance in another site in your network

  • To a trusted Integrative Core Datacenter (ICD)

  • To the Amazon Cloud

All whist the Integrative NOC keeps a close watch on your Umbra backup system integrity and reliability alerting you when action is required.

To further protect your VMware, HyperV or AWS environment, Umbra can replicate your virtual machines to a clone in either your own datacenter or to an Integrative Core Datacenter. This allows for shorter Recovery Time Objectives in your Disaster Recovery plan whilst keeping the costs in check.

The UmbraStor appliance is available in 3 flavors



Basic protection

80TB (~200TB Deduplicated)

Quad port Gbe Network Uplinks

32GB Memory (Cache)



High performance / Expandable`

33-154TB (~385TB Deduplicated)

Dual CPU and PSU

Dual 10Gbe Network Uplinks

128GB Memory (Cache)

4x NVMe Write Cache

Up to 3 x SAS/3 JBOD expansions



Clustered Front End


2x Dual CPU and PSU

2x Dual 10Gbe Network Uplinks

2 x 256GB Memory (cache)

2 x 4x NVMe Write Cache

SAS/3 JBOD (90 x HDD)

640TB (~1800TB Deduplicated)

Or try on an 'S' model as a cloud only DRaaS/BaaS service.

Umbra Key features:

  • Simple and fast deployment
  • High Capacity dense backup storage build with enterprise class hardware for on premise fast recovery and backups
  • Backup Disaster recovery copy to Integrative Core Datacenters (ICD) and/or Amazon Cloud
  • Virtual Machine replication to secondary VMware cluster or Integrative Core Datacenters (ICD)
  • Exceptional data de-duplication and compression (~60%)1
  • Global data compression in flight and at rest
  • Data encryption in flight and at rest
  • Instant Virtual Machine, File and Application Object recovery

Under the hood

Umbra is powered by:

  • Enterprise grade SuperMicro server hardware
  • Ubuntu Server (16.04Lts)
  • Limitless OpenZFS filesystem
  • Efficient Telegraf Monitoring Agent (Reporting to our InFluxDB / Graphite engine)
  • Safe and secure VyOS Routing and VPN Services
  • And best in class Nakivo Backup as core backup engine


1) We measured a compression and de-duplication ratio of 60 to 70% on test datasets consisting of real world file and email servers. But of course results may vary on your own dataset.

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