Zextras Suite, an Add-On for Zimbra Collaboration Server that provides valuable features to the community edition of Zimbra Server.

Zextras Suite is developed from scratch and is by no means a hack of the Zimbra Network Edition. The software is built by an independent company named Zextras.  The Zextras Suite is an Extension to Zimbra Collaboration Server. Zextras provides services to almost 8 million mailboxes. 

The Zextras suite adds the following functionality to Zimbra

In our daily search for the best open source solutions to perform everyday tasks, Zimbra has been on the top of the list since it’s inception.

A clever bundle of the defacto standard email engine for the Internet, Postfix. A rock solid client web interface. A feature rich full cross-platform client for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Whilst remaining 99% Microsoft Exchange compatible.

Integrative finds its roots in integrating solutions and technologies of different vendors and suppliers. The last 10 years, a lot of these solutions and technologies come out of the open-source camp, something we cheer on as open-source based solutions fit perfectly in our evangelism of using non-proprietary solutions.

Now, open-source is not for everyone and certainly not for the faint-of-heart. Although community support works great for technologists and the digitally literate, in the commercial world of service level agreements and recovery time objectives, it is not something that can be depended on. Therefore we are glad to see that many software companies embrace the open-source software and back it with commercial support to make it a suitable solution for enterprise IT departments.

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