Quanta and SuperMicro introduce the new scalable Intel Xeon processor servers

Yesterday, SuperMicro and Quanta introduced their new systems supporting the new Intel Xeon scalable processors, the next iteration of the Intel XEON server CPU. Biggest advantages are a higher count of PCI/e lanes allowing for more NVME drives and high performance interconnects like 100GB Infiniband or Intel Omnipath, higher memory bandwith by moving to a 6 channel architecture and a higher TDP package (more watts per CPU).

10 Reasons why you must consider SuperMicro for your IT Project

10-reasons.png1. Focus on servers only

SuperMicro has been known as the “Server Company” for years, The are the ODM for many of the brand name servers, and they only do servers, servers and servers. – No printers, laptops or mice here my friends!

2. First to Market

SuperMicro is Intel development partner. First generation servers on new Chipsets and CPU are always presented ( By Intel ) using Supermicro servers.

Cydg5aNWEAE4buF.jpgUnified Managed Backup and Recovery Appliance (Umbra) is a Disaster Recovery as a Service and Back-up as a Service (DRaaS/BaaS) service that provides enterprise class VMware, AWS and HyperV backup functionality using a local appliance (UmbraStor) or a external cloud based storage repository in either a trusted Integrative Core Datacenter (ICD) or on the public (Amazon) cloud.

Who or what is Integrative?

“Integrative Thinking is a field in applied mind science which was originated by Graham Douglas in 1986. He describes Integrative thinking as the process of integrating intuition, reason and imagination in a human mind with a view to developing a holistic continuum of strategy, tactics, action, review and evaluation for addressing a problem in any field”. As you see  Integrative is not just another pretty word or IT acronym, you can find more on this philosophy on wikipedia.

This is pretty much what we do day in and out.

Where do we come from?

procurement.pngNeed someone to guide you through the maze of manufacturers, distributors and their product focused sales pitches? Integrative can help you cut through the mist, help you procure and ship all the supplies, equipment and licenses necessary to fulfill your projects or day to day operations.

We can economically ship supplies and equipment to all (off-shore) locations around the globe using our network of experienced distributors and freight forwarders.

Our knowledgeable and independent consultants will provide your organization an unbiased advice and will manage the procurement cycle from quotation till on site delivery whilst assuring the best possible prices for the required products.