strategy.jpgToday's IT executives struggle with a wild array of complex issues of a technical and organizational nature. Issues like overcoming the barriers between IT and the business units, maintaining operational stability and keeping compliant with ever evolving standards and regulations. Now, more than ever, strategies are needed that are practical, measurable, and most of all achievable.

Integrative offers in-depth expertise and a full spectrum of capabilities to help today's IT leaders tackle their toughest challenges, from strategies to ensure that their IT delivers real value, to new approaches for achieving meaningful IT transformation.

Where do you stand today with your IT infrastructure and IT organization? A question that might not be as easy to answer as one might think. Integrative can help you find out where you stand today and where you need to go tomorrow. With our IT Maturity Assessment (IMA) service we will use industry best practices to stack your organization against the Infrastructure Optimization Framework (as illustrated below) to determine the state of your IT infrastructure and organization.


Firstly, we have to determine point A, the assessment will help your organization find its current state within a framework of measurable variables. In other words, 
where are we today?