Quanta and SuperMicro introduce the new scalable Intel Xeon processor servers

Yesterday, SuperMicro and Quanta introduced their new systems supporting the new Intel Xeon scalable processors, the next iteration of the Intel XEON server CPU. Biggest advantages are a higher count of PCI/e lanes allowing for more NVME drives and high performance interconnects like 100GB Infiniband or Intel Omnipath, higher memory bandwith by moving to a 6 channel architecture and a higher TDP package (more watts per CPU).

Nexenta evolved out of the Open-ISCSI storage stack, devoloped in 2004 by Alex Aizman and Dmitry Yusupov ( In 2005, they saw the opportunity to pioneer by combining components of Linux with the Open Indiana (Solaris) and OpenZFS code-bases and founded Nexenta. The Nexenta's products were among the first open source storage products to be brought to market in mid-2008.


Hewlett Packard ESSN (Enterprise Server and Storage Network) is an essential building block for many of our infrastructure designs. Our consultants and architects hold the necessary HP certifications (ASE/MASE) to assure your infrastructure is in line with HP best practice designs, predominantly designing our HP/ESSN infrastructures around HP FlexFabric and HP/Blade solutions. Integrative is HP partner in LATAM/CARIB and APAC to provide gobal coverage for our clients.

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Integrative is a Macau based global distributor and reseller for SuperMicro enterprise server and storage systems. With direct channels to the factories in Taiwan and the US Integrative can provide the best solutions for the most attractive prices. We have in-depth knowledge of the SuperMicro product portfolio and the front-line technologies that SuperMicro introduces to the world on an almost weekly basis. We use products out of the SuperMicro portfolio for several of our own bespoke product developments.

Storage is exponentially growing and data is getting big, very big. Storage is becoming an important differentiation in your IT infrastructure. Implementing common sense storage solutions is becoming a key driver to the success and effectiveness of your IT solutions architecture. So what are the options?

The flavor of the day is cloud based storage like Amazon S3 and other variants. Unfortunately this only serves a fraction of your needs and can end up to be a very expensive repository if not planned appropriately.