VMware provides industry standard virtualization software for enterprise data-center virtualization and is a core component of 80 percent of our infrastructure designs. Integrative has been a VMware partner since 2007 and has developed highly experienced and certified team members that know the platform inside-out. With this wealth of knowledge we can help you design your virtual data-center architecture from top to bottom, making sure your hardware is utilized to its potential whilst keeping redundancy and fault tolerance in check.

Integrative offers Network level security through CloudFlare the world leader in clean pipe services. Serving over 5 Terrabits of data from 80 globally located data-centers CloudFlare sees over 5 percent of all Internet traffic passing through its mitigation algorithms.

If you need a secure front for your web-servers or API’s, world class DDOS protection, Global latency reduction, Mitigation of traffic spikes or immediate threat protection, CloudFlare is the solution for you.

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In our daily search for the best open source solutions to perform everyday tasks, Zimbra has been on the top of the list since it’s inception.

A clever bundle of the defacto standard email engine for the Internet, Postfix. A rock solid client web interface. A feature rich full cross-platform client for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Whilst remaining 99% Microsoft Exchange compatible.

Integrative is a Macau based global distributor and reseller for SuperMicro enterprise server and storage systems. With direct channels to the factories in Taiwan and the US Integrative can provide the best solutions for the most attractive prices. We have in-depth knowledge of the SuperMicro product portfolio and the front-line technologies that SuperMicro introduces to the world on an almost weekly basis. We use products out of the SuperMicro portfolio for several of our own bespoke product developments.