In a world that is getting more abstract and virtual, proper documentation is key. In IT Projects this aspect is often forgotten. A clear sign of our industry being young and immature. Imagine an architect building a house without any form of design, or an pharmacist releasing a medicine without any testing. Unthinkable, yes.. but in our industry these practices are considered to be normal day to day business by most of our competitors.

We do not only understand the risks of this modus operandi better than anyone else, we have developed a flexible and easily maintainable documentation methodology that fits any project or organization. Our methodology has two main pillars of understanding being:

VMware provides industry standard virtualization software for enterprise data-center virtualization and is a core component of 80 percent of our infrastructure designs. Integrative has been a VMware partner since 2007 and has developed highly experienced and certified team members that know the platform inside-out. With this wealth of knowledge we can help you design your virtual data-center architecture from top to bottom, making sure your hardware is utilized to its potential whilst keeping redundancy and fault tolerance in check.

Matrix.jpgNo house is built without a proper design, for IT infrastructure the same is the case, without a plan a project is destined to fail.

Integrative can help you to translate your business requirements into sound solution and infrastructure designs for your specific needs. As an independent consulting firm we take all available building blocks in to consideration and objectively select the right technologies and vendors to fit the requirements. With a strong focus on open standards we make sure your infrastructure is maintainable and fits into today's landscape of standards and best practices.