DC2.jpgAn IDC is an Integrative Controlled Data-center or Data Suite. Integrative hosts servers and services in several key locations across the globe to provide our clients with a wide range of applications.

Momentarily we run IDC’s in:

  • Hong Kong (Island)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Bermuda (Hamilton)
  • Macau (under development)

A typical IDC is located in a tier/1 data-center where available to provide optimal availability of connectivity and hardware. Within our IDC's we run several cloud platforms to accommodate our clients needs (OpenStack Microsoft Azure and VMware).

LegalIT.pngLegal-IT.NET is a community cloud service for small and medium sized legal firms, built and managed by the architects and engineers of

The community cloud model can be implemented on site, hybrid or 100% remote. Whatever model is preferred, it will provide its tenants with the flexibility of a cloud based infrastructure without the risks of data locality and influence of unwanted elements. Security is a primary design driver in the infrastructure.