DC2.jpgAn IDC is an Integrative Controlled Data-center or Data Suite. Integrative hosts servers and services in several key locations across the globe to provide our clients with a wide range of applications.

Momentarily we run IDC’s in:

  • Hong Kong (Island)
  • Canada (Toronto)
  • Netherlands (Amsterdam)
  • Bermuda (Hamilton)
  • Macau (under development)

A typical IDC is located in a tier/1 data-center where available to provide optimal availability of connectivity and hardware. Within our IDC's we run several cloud platforms to accommodate our clients needs (OpenStack Microsoft Azure and VMware).

Cydg5aNWEAE4buF.jpgUnified Managed Backup and Recovery Appliance (Umbra) is a Disaster Recovery as a Service and Back-up as a Service (DRaaS/BaaS) service that provides enterprise class VMware, AWS and HyperV backup functionality using a local appliance (UmbraStor) or a external cloud based storage repository in either a trusted Integrative Core Datacenter (ICD) or on the public (Amazon) cloud.