Zextras Suite

Zextras Suite, an Add-On for Zimbra Collaboration Server that provides valuable features to the community edition of Zimbra Server.

Zextras Suite is developed from scratch and is by no means a hack of the Zimbra Network Edition. The software is built by an independent company named Zextras.  The Zextras Suite is an Extension to Zimbra Collaboration Server. Zextras provides services to almost 8 million mailboxes. 

The Zextras suite adds the following functionality to Zimbra

Backup, Featuring a cutting-edge realtime engine it takes care of backing up every single item and event in your server, with split second precision. It’s specifically designed to avoid any data loss by using atomic and ever-consistent algorithms, while still saving disk space thanks to an intelligent deduplication and compression system

Mobile,  Whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet, both personal or company-supplied, your data will always be at your fingertips, without any middleware or client needed. Not just a mere viewing medium, but a complete communication solution that allows you to send and receive emails, use the Global Address List, add and edit contacts to your Zimbra address book, create appointments, arrange meetings and manage task lists.

Archive, (PowerStore), Tiered storage management featuring advanced Zimbra store management and HSM, this module allows you to manage multiple volumes and HSM policies through the Zextras Administration Zimlet – completely integrated in your Zimbra Administration Console – giving you the tools to organize and manage your storage effectively.

Admin Delegation and Domain Restrictions, Grant Delegated Admin rights to users on your server to let them perform any kind of user management task, and set quota, COS and user limits for your domains in order to gracefully handle one of the most delicate tasks of a system administrator: multi-tenancy. Delegated Admins will access the Zimbra Administration Console just like the Global Admins, but with a reduced scope that will only allow them to see and interact with the elements their role allows.

Chat, The native Chat and Videochat solution for Zimbra It provides an integrated IM server and client to Zimbra, allowing your users to communicate through text and video chat. Both the chat server and client have been developed by Zextras to guarantee the highest integration possible with your Zimbra server.

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