VMware provides industry standard virtualization software for enterprise data-center virtualization and is a core component of 80 percent of our infrastructure designs. Integrative has been a VMware partner since 2007 and has developed highly experienced and certified team members that know the platform inside-out. With this wealth of knowledge we can help you design your virtual data-center architecture from top to bottom, making sure your hardware is utilized to its potential whilst keeping redundancy and fault tolerance in check.

Many of our clients rely on our expertise for day to day management of their virtual infrastructure and for periodical audits to plan for further consolidation and integration.

With the ease of deploying new virtual machines for every task at hand and staggering consolidation rates of VMware we often see than VMware infrastructures have outgrown their manageability. We can help your organization get back on track by (re)design and simplification making sure you are getting the most out of your VMware infrastructure.

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