Security Penetration test

pentest.jpgIntegrative’s extensive penetration testing services (PenTest) emulates the of an attacker seeking to access sensitive assets or parts of your information systems by exploiting the security weaknesses that might exist in your networked information systems (IoT) situated internal or externally. This service not only identifies the individual vulnerabilities but also reveals how your information systems and its supporting infrastructure, designed to support normal business operations, can provide attackers with attack vectors or a pathway to back-end systems and valuable data.

The service will also give your organization an insight into the Quality and Assurance of the development life cycle of your (Web) applications, and information systems in general which could be either built in-house or by an internal or external strategic partner.

During the engagement we begin by assessing your security requirements and identify risk area’s within the company. We will identify and analyze your network and/or application infrastructure’s “weakest links” as well as other possible vulnerabilities.

We will then determine the impact of each compromise by attempting to escalate

privileges on the entry points and pivoting the security assessment to determine whether any other part of information systems can be subsequently targeted and owned by malversive objects/subjects.

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