Open Storage Systems

Storage is exponentially growing and data is getting big, very big. Storage is becoming an important differentiation in your IT infrastructure. Implementing common sense storage solutions is becoming a key driver to the success and effectiveness of your IT solutions architecture. So what are the options?

The flavor of the day is cloud based storage like Amazon S3 and other variants. Unfortunately this only serves a fraction of your needs and can end up to be a very expensive repository if not planned appropriately.

The traditional option is conventional storage. Conventional storage array vendors are protecting their R&D investments by keeping their proprietary hardware and software solutions as closed systems. So the comfort of their reliably and brand name support comes with daunting CAPEX and OPEX bill.

We believe the most interesting option is open-storage. The open source world has adopted the (open)ZFS file-system as the de-facto standard for smart, reliable and fast data storage. Using large amounts of memory and high speed solid state or NVMe drives to create large pools of super-fast cache. This cache is used to back pools of relatively cheap large commodity disk storage. The logic behind these storage pools is being driven by the massive processing speed of today's Intel and AMD processors give you enterprise features like data de-duplication, snapshots, storage tiering, replication, clustering, compression, encryption and more using simple off-the-shelf commodity hardware.

Integrative works closely with market leaders Nexentastor, Canonical (Ubuntu), SuperMicro and Quanta systems to deliver enterprise class unified storage without vendor lock in. Our storage solutions are built to purpose out of industry standard components keeping your initial Capex low while delivering storage solutions with enterprise class features.

We can help you cut through the proprietary vendor paradigm and help you define a future proof storage strategy utilizing conventional, open source and cloud storage solutions. Combining the best features of all solutions to create an heterogeneous and purpose build storage strategy. After the strategy is set, we can help you procure the correct tools for the job, design and implement them even administer them from one of our operations centres across the globe.

Over the years we have realized many Petabytes worth of storage infrastructure, all based on commodity hardware with footprints as low as just a couple of cents per GB (CAPEX) with stunning performance characteristics. Use-cases show a 30 to 40% year on year operational cost reduction compared to traditional storage strategy over a traditional 5 year lifespan.

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