Open Source Integration

Integrative finds its roots in integrating solutions and technologies of different vendors and suppliers. The last 10 years, a lot of these solutions and technologies come out of the open-source camp, something we cheer on as open-source based solutions fit perfectly in our evangelism of using non-proprietary solutions.

Now, open-source is not for everyone and certainly not for the faint-of-heart. Although community support works great for technologists and the digitally literate, in the commercial world of service level agreements and recovery time objectives, it is not something that can be depended on. Therefore we are glad to see that many software companies embrace the open-source software and back it with commercial support to make it a suitable solution for enterprise IT departments.

Below you will find a list of open-source projects and products that we contribute to, support and frequently use in our solution architectures.




Although not a commercially backed project by itself, open-stack is adopted by many Linux distributions and cloud providers as the de-facto standard open-source based virtualization infrastructure. Integrative has built, and supports many open-stack based private and public cloud solutions including our own Legal-IT community cloud. Utilizing this magnificent suite of projects (Nova,Swift,Cinder,Keystone,Glance,Horizon and others) in combination with the backing of the trusted support organizations of Red Hat, IBM, Canonical and others, we provide enterprise grade virtualization infrastructure based on an vibrant open source community.

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Canonicals Ubuntu, by far the most popular and well developed distribution of the Debian based Linux kernel. We use it in 80 percent of our Linux based solutions as the core operating system.

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Zimbra, backed by synacor, an enterprise class messaging system utilizing projects like Postfix, Clam, OpenLdap, Apache Tomcat, Lucene, 0MQ and more world class components to deliver robust and secure messaging and email functionality


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Zextras, A welcome plug in to the community edition of Zimbra, delivering Mobile push (ActiveSync) support, easy backup and storage tiering and private IM functionality.


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Alfresco, document management and work-flow at its best, we call it the next generation file server or SharePoint on steroids. It is in many ways very similar to SharePoint, a more familiar name in this space. The Alfresco server is a platform independent Java based application that resides on top of Tomcat. It uses Lucene and Activiti to deliver enterprise class features like workflow, search and metadata.

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ZFS, developed by SUN Microsystems, now freely available in OpenSolaris. Adopted by the storage community as the de-facto standard for large and resilient file systems with enterprise functionality like compression, dedupe, snapshots, SSD (L2) and Mem (L1) cache and more. Adopted by Nexenta as the platform for its enterprise class software defined storage solutions (SDS). And used in our own INTSTORE ZFS based storage solutions

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Vyatta by Brocade, the commercially backed version of VyOS. The quintessential core of software defined networks (SDN), virtual machine based routing, vpn and firewall functionality at its best.

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You’re looking at it now, Drupal, one of the most common and loved CMS systems in the world, flexible, great community support and fully customizable. Integrative offers Drupal consulting services to help companies get on board with the worlds greatest opensource CMS

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