Virtual CIO/CTO

In today’s information driven world, the role of the CTO and CIO are more pivotal to the companies performance than ever before. Nevertheless we see that for small businesses only a few can (or will) afford the expense. This is why Integrative provides her clients with the ability to obtain the service and benefits of both a CIO and/or a CTO while effectively sharing these costs with other businesses. In essence, a virtual CIO/CTO

The virtual CTO/CIO service focuses on management teams that are not always in a position to make informed decisions on their IT strategy, infrastructure architecture, procurement or staffing needs. These topics are a frequent issue for smaller (off shore) companies with a core business has little or nothing to do with information technology itself, even though the operations are usually heavily dependent on IT infrastructure. Many of our vCTO/vCIO clients can therefore be found in the (off-shore) funds services, trusts, legal firms, and smaller re-insurance companies.

Outsourced virtual CTO/CIO services are the perfect solution for a management team that lacks the expertise or simply just does not have the time to focus on IT puzzles.

Our virtual CTO/CIO will meet with your team in person and help you evaluate your needs. He or she will then present your management team with down to earth explanations of technical issues and help you align the efforts of your IT team with business goals. This approach allows you to focus on the core of your business with the help of a well thought out IT strategy and infrastructure to support your goals.

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