IT Strategy Consulting

Today’s IT executives struggle with a wild array of complex issues of a technical and organizational nature. Issues like overcoming the barriers between IT and the business units, maintaining operational stability and keeping compliant with ever evolving standards and regulations. Now, more than ever, strategies are needed that are practical, measurable, and most of all achievable.

Integrative offers in-depth expertise and a full spectrum of capabilities to help todays IT leaders tackle their toughest challenges, from strategies to ensure that their IT delivers real value, to new approaches for achieving meaningful IT transformation.

The consultants at draw on extensive intellectual capital and experience to help your IT Executives to do just that.

Because of our distinctive combination of strategic insight, industry knowledge, and down to earth functional IT expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help your organization bridge the gap between business demands and IT solutions.

Within the IT Strategy Consulting practice we deliver the following tailor made services.

  • IT Maturity assessments Where to you stand on the ladder of IT maturity? and where do I need to move? Let integrative help you get to the next level.
  • CTO/CIO for hire No resources for a full time CIO/CTO, but you do want a trusted adviser that keeps your IT landscape in check with your business requirements? Do we know what IT can do your business and welcome the opportunity to help your organization excel.
  • CIO Mentoring Need a little help from your friends? Or maybe like to have a trusted adviser by your side to validate your strategic direction. Integrative is here to help.