The road to 25G is open...

AOC-S25G-M2S.jpgThe 25Gb network AOC (add on card), the AOC-S25G-m2S, is available now!  Based on one of the first and best 25G controllers in the market, the Mellanox ConnectX4-Lx, this card is packed with networking, virtualization, and management features.  The AOC-S25G-m2S is a great choice for people who those who want to make the transition to high bandwidth networking or for those whom want to upgrade their 10G network infrastructure to the next level. 

This card is the perfect companion for the Mellanox Spectrum based leaf switches (SN2100 series) which provide up to 128x 25Gbe ports in a redundant 1U pair with a throughput of 3.2Tbs per unit (6.4Tbs combined). or SuperMicro's own SSE-C3632S SDN spine switch, providing up to 32x 100Gbe with backplane of 3.2Tbs.

The perfect backbone for your hyper-converged infrastructure.