Quanta and SuperMicro introduce the new scalable Intel Xeon processor servers

Yesterday, SuperMicro and Quanta introduced their new systems supporting the new Intel Xeon scalable processors, the next iteration of the Intel XEON server CPU. Biggest advantages are a higher count of PCI/e lanes allowing for more NVME drives and high performance interconnects like 100GB Infiniband or Intel Omnipath, higher memory bandwith by moving to a 6 channel architecture and a higher TDP package (more watts per CPU). Even-though the new Intel CPU is still a few steps behind the AMD EPYC architecture in core count and GHZ, and has a significantly higher cost per unit, it will be interesting to see how these systems will compare against each other in today’s high CPU demanding deep learning infrastructures. We will benchmark comparisons as soon as they will become available.

Quanta introduced the new architecture in their stock QuantaGrid and QuantaPlex type servers, as where SuperMicro revamped the entire product line introducing the X11 systems for storage, blade, Twin and traditional 1u/2u servers.

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