Thank you for a fantastic 2016, Happy New Year

Yet another eventful year has come to an end, and what a year it has been!. It seems like only yesterday that we popped the corks and ushered in 2016. This year we have been working for several organizations here in Macau, Hong Kong and Internationally and are very proud of the results we achieved together with you.

Last year, like any other, we worked with many of you on the Why and How questions surrounding your IT infrastructure, paving a path to solid IT strategy and feasible transition plans that helped your organizations into new technologies like Hyper Converged virtualization, Software defined datacenters and networking, secure network infrastructures, native and hybrid cloud implementations and more.

As always open-source and open standards stood at the core of our infrastructure solutions and we are happy to see many of our clients adopting this philosophy to their advantage, reducing their dependence on proprietary solutions and therefore costs, whilst optimizing their IT infrastructure adding real value and performance.

In 2016 we were granted global distributorship for Supermicro systems, a market leading server manufacturer with whom we have built fantastic solutions over the past decade. To complement our OEM/ODM offering we also gained reseller status for Quanta (QCT) systems to further diversify our independent offerings. With this new distribution and reseller status we can provide your organization with the best fit OEM/ODM server solutions for your projects at very attractive prices. We can now also provide local support, local spare parts repository and centralized management for these fantastic solutions.

To help our customers with the tasks of safeguarding their virtual infrastructures we partnered with Nakivo software of which we are now a silver partner. We developed our Unified Managed Backup and Recovery Appliance (UMBRA), an enterprise grade backup appliance capable of safeguarding up to 750TB of virtual machine data in a single self contained and managed appliance. Umbra now helps to protect thousands of virtual machines and holds petabytes of backup data across the many implementations worldwide.

Hyper-convergence based on OEM/ODM hardware has been an exciting proposition for many of our clients, in 2016 we have deployed a number of VMware VSAN solutions based on SuperMicro, Intel, LSI and Seagate technologies. These infrastructures helped our clients to greatly reduce their CAPEX and OPEX for their virtual infrastructure whilst significantly increasing performance and capacity, the numbers are quite compelling.

On the networking side we have partnered with Mellanox in addition to our existing relation with Brocade and Cisco to provide the next generation of 10GB+ data center networking infrastructure that fuels our Hyper Converged IP based virtual SAN solutions.

To broaden our Amazon, Digital Ocean and Microsoft Cloud infrastructure capabilities and software development teams we partnered with several local solution providers adding about 30 more die hard solution experts and infrastructure architects to our extensive knowledge network.

On the security front there’s been a storm of activity. In the wake of several front page news hacks, security has become an even hotter topic than it already was. Many of our customers asked Integrative to asses their security framework, test security measures by performing Penetration Tests and help define an adoptable security infrastructure to detect and prevent costly mishaps. We partnered with PortNox to help our clients protects the access layer of their networks and worked closely with Palo Alto to provide solution to guard the perimeters and provide full visibility in our clients network traffic.

For 2017 we are looking forward to assist our existing and new customers in finding their way into the maze of technology products to build actual solutions that make business. sense.  


Kind regards, and have a fantastic 11111100001

The Integrative Global Ltd team