10 Reasons why you must consider SuperMicro for your IT Project

10-reasons.png1. Focus on servers only

SuperMicro has been known as the “Server Company” for years, The are the ODM for many of the brand name servers, and they only do servers, servers and servers. – No printers, laptops or mice here my friends!

2. First to Market

SuperMicro is Intel development partner. First generation servers on new Chipsets and CPU are always presented ( By Intel ) using Supermicro servers.

3. Rapid growth

SuperMicro is now the fourth ( units shipped wise ) manufacturer in the world.

4. Longevitysc946ed.jpg

The Number of Active models and varieties triple the number of all other top tier manufacturers put together (more than 500 active models to date) with longevity of 3-5 years for each model.

5. Flexibility

All servers and storage solutions are aim to meet our customer’s specific requirements. We will learn your requirements and application needs and then work with you to select the best value for money solution.

6. No nonsense Pre-Sales

SuperMicro is customer focused and has a reputation for really knowing their hardware. It’s not like the other top tier companies have a magical source of components. They all come from the same factories, more or less. The difference is that SuperMicro has your best interests in mind.

7. Quality AssuranceSM-twin.jpeg

Prior to shipment, all systems undergo rigorous and thorough testing procedures. This, along with the high-quality industry leading components, ensures that all of the systems meet the strictest quality guidelines.

8. “Keeping IT Green”

What separates SuperMicro from other major manufacturers is superior performance-per-watt. With 10-20% better power consumption, users get a better total return on their investment. This translates to approximately $200-500 in savings per node every four years.

9. Enterprise ApplicationsSM-Rack.jpg

SuperMicro server and storage solutions deliver unrivaled performance and value to a wide range of applications. These solutions are optimized for data center workloads, hosting, cloud computing, big data & Hadoop, HPC, and embedded systems worldwide.

10. Enterprise Hardware

As a premier provider of enterprise computing solutions, SuperMicro offers a wide range of products including: servers, blades, GPU systems, workstations, motherboards, chassis, and more. To optimize complement industry standard architecture SuperMicro develops their own architecture innovations like: FatTwin, MicroCloud, SuperBlade, and WIO/UIO among others.


For more information, visit www.integrative.it.