Architecture and design

Matrix.jpgNo house is built without a proper design, for IT infrastructure the same is the case, without a plan a project is destined to fail.

Integrative can help you to translate your business requirements into sound solution and infrastructure designs for your specific needs. As an independent consulting firm we take all available building blocks in to consideration and objectively select the right technologies and vendors to fit the requirements. With a strong focus on open standards we make sure your infrastructure is maintainable and fits into today's landscape of standards and best practices.

Integrative uses a home-grown infrastructure architecture and design methodology, and as the IT industry loves acronyms, we named it IIADM. The methodology developed over many years, leveraging our groups extensive experience. The methodology has alignment with enterprise standards like the open group enterprise framework (TOGAF) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) but is primarily grounded on a pragmatic approach, ensuring sensible budgeting and timely delivery of solutions within any organization of any size.

Over-engineering is a common practice in IT infrastructure architecture, building redundancy upon redundancy upon redundancy, over-complicating the design and inevitably increasing the complexity and costs of ownership. Integrative has helped many companies to prevent this costly habit from happening, either through a peer review of our colleague’s designs, or by delivering the complete architecture and design from the ground up. Integrative takes pride in reducing footprints and simplifying solutions to better server business needs.

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