• Integrative finds its roots in integrating solutions and technologies of different vendors and suppliers. The last 10 years, a lot of these solutions and technologies come out of the open-source camp, something we cheer on as open-source based solutions fit perfectly in our evangelism of using non-proprietary solutions.

  • Storage is exponentially growing and data is getting big, very big. Storage is becoming an important differentiation in your IT infrastructure. Implementing common sense storage solutions is becoming a key driver to the success and effectiveness of your IT solutions architecture. So what are the options?

  • Need someone to guide you through the web of manufacturers, distributors and sales pitches? Integrative’s procurement department can help you procure and ship the equipment and licenses necessary to fulfil your projects.

    We can economically ship equipment to all (off-shore) locations using our network of experienced freight forwarders.

  • In todays information driven world, the role of the CTO and CIO are more pivotal to the companies performance than ever before. Nevertheless we see that for small businesses only a few can (or will) afford the expense. This is why Integrative provides her clients with the ability to obtain the service and benefits of both a CIO and/or a CTO while effectively sharing these costs with other businesses. In essence, a virtual CIO/CTO

  • Where do you stand today with your IT infrastructure and IT organization? A question that might not be as easy to answer as one might think. Integrative can help you find out where you stand today and where you need to go tomorrow. With our IT Maturity Assessment (IMA) service we will use industry best practices to stack your organization against the Infrastructure Optimization Framework (as illustrated below) to determine the state of your IT infrastructure and organization.

  • Today's IT executives struggle with a wild array of complex issues of technical and organisational nature. Issues like overcoming barriers between business units, maintaining operational stability and keeping compliant with ever evolving standards and regulations. Now, more than ever, strategies are needed that are practical, measurable, and most of all achievable.

  • No house is built without a proper design, for IT infrastructure the same is the case, without a plan the project is destined to fail.